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About company

More than 10 years the Jamsoh Auto trade company is engaged in favorable purchase and delivery of cars from auctions of Japan

The Company Jamsoh Auto Trade Ltd. it was established in Toyama Prefecture of Japan in 2006, where it is currently headquartered.

The aim of our company is to offer customers the most profitable possible ways to purchase cars from Japanese auctions. We work on the principles of honesty and fairness, offering a minimum of fees for the most profitable acquisitions.

The main principles of our company are guaranteed reliability, honesty and transparency of cooperation, short terms of delivery of the vehicles to the destination.

Working with us, our clients get number of advantages of purchase of cars without intermediaries. Our company works with more than 140 auctions in Japan. We work with all major transport companies in Japan, which allows us to optimize transport logistics within Japan, saving money and time. At our Russian office of the city of Ussuriysk there is unique opportunity to make the decision on increase in rate in real time and to quickly redeem the car if for any reasons sale cost at auction is not reached. Especially for the convenience of our Clients, payment takes place in three stages. If there is not enough money, or for some other reason, you can not pay the costs of the Russian Federation in the form of customs duties, we go to meet the client, and the client can use our free Parking and hold the car in Japan for absolutely any period. An invoice for payment of expenses in Japan you pay to the settlement account of our company in Japan Jamsoh Auto Trade LTD.

In addition to the standard delivery of cars from auctions in Japan Jamso Auto trade provides a number of additional services:

- delivery in unassembled form,

- delivery of motorcycles, special equipment and water equipment,

- formation of cargo on a pallet and container,

- customs clearance of the vehicle.