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How we work

Our company is a place where the work is done so that it brings a specific result to the customer, and not just be like something that is in tune with the name or advertising. We act on the basis of the goals and objectives formulated together with the client, our own professional knowledge and common sense. We work with each client individually to find a solution to each problem in a more optimal way.

Our experienced specialists will advise you on the most suitable method of importing the car of interest and calculate its optimal customs payments. Competently coordinated actions of the Jamsoh Auto Trade team will help you to avoid additional costs and long waiting times for the car.

In real time you can always track the status of delivery of the car from Japan, namely: its loading on the ship, travel time and the process of unloading in the port of Vladivostok.

Customs clearance of cars, special equipment, motorcycles is made exclusively by our staff of declarants at favorable rates and in the shortest possible time. It is possible to the vehicle as an individual and a legal entity (depending on the most favorable final pricing for our client).

If necessary, we will form a batch of any cargo in a container or on a pallet, make an investment in your car in the form of spare parts, wheels, car tires, and so on.

In order for the work to be done efficiently, we adhere to a certain scheme in which each item is necessarily performed.


Agreement conclusion

You can make a contract in two ways: both in the office and remotely, through the contract form on our website.

In the second case, after sending the completed contract form on the website, you will be contacted by the manager to verify and clarify the data, and then by e-mail we will send you the contract form.You will need to sign it, make a scan of a copy of the contract, passport (page with passport data and place of registration) and send us an e-mail. We also sign the contract and send you a copy of it.

NOTE!!!! Of course, we tried to take into account all the points when developing the contract form, but it is impossible to foresee everything, and therefore it is possible to adjust certain clauses of the contract to the requirements and wishes of our client.We always meet and are ready for dialogue on achieving the most favorable delivery conditions. This is one of the goals of our company.


Making the first payment

The deposit is required to confirm your desire for cooperation with us.

The deposit is of the size 10% estimated cost of the car, but not less than 40 000 rubles.

This amount is taken into account at the final cost of the car, goes to pay customs duty, temporary storage warehouse or, of course, can be returned to you in full before buying a car at auction without any fines and commissions.

After signing the contract, we will send you the details of the company by e-mail or in any convenient way (as well details are specified in the contract).

Making a deposit is possible in several ways: by bank transfer, by transferring the payment to the company's account, by depositing cash in the company cash desk.


Search for a car

After making a deposit, daily (except Sunday, auctions do not work), the manager of our company assigned to you searches for the car at auctions according to the parameters you specified in the application for the purchase of a car (model and make of car, year of manufacture, mileage, color, equipment, engine displacement and so on).

In addition to public auctions, we select cars and have access to any car dealerships of Japanese dealers, where cars are presented at fixed prices. If there are suitable options for your parameters and budget, they will not stay away and will be considered and offered To you as options to buy.

You can also choose a specific lot yourself, and our manager will definitely consult you in detail from a professional position.

In the case if the necessary cars are agreed with the client, the auction sheets, all expert comments at the auction are mandatory translated, the manager informs you by phone, email, WhatsApp, Viber or SMS message (the desired type of communication is agreed with the manager at the time of signing the contract).



If you are interested in a particular lot, you inform the manager of any convenient way of communication.

For the convenience of our clients, the manager takes over all the functions of setting bids, raising bids to a certain limit (through agreement with you), controlling the bidding. You determine the final cost and wait for the result.

If the car is not bought, then continue the selection of lots and setting rates until the time of purchase.

IMPORTANT!!! Having bought a car at a cheaper price than you have determined, You take the car cheaper, and not at the cost specified in the contract and determined by You. We will transparently and correctly fulfill our obligations under the contract, offering all possible options when forming the final cost of your future car.


Car purchase

If bids are within your specified range and the car was purchased at an auction, you will be informed about this promptly and immediately, in a pre-selected manner (What’s App, Viber, Telegramm, SMS, E-mail).

Next, you need to pay the auction price and expenses on the Japanese side, of the purchased car, to our bank account in Japan within three business days (but we are flexible and loyal, any points regarding payment can be adjusted for specific situations and wishes of the client).


Transportation of the vehicle

After buying a car or other vehicle at the auction, delivery is made from the auction to the port of departure (from 1 to 7 days), where a detailed photo report is made and sent to the client.

Next, the nearest ship, type Ro-Ro is sent to Vladivostok (the duration of delivery depends on the regularity of sending ships and weather conditions, but not more thaThe total delivery time of the car to the port in Vladivostok does not depend on the distance of the auction where the car was purchased and is 3-4 weeks. We ship from the port of Toyama and in any case, the car will be delivered to us for the preparation of the necessary documents and the fastest transportation to the Russian Federation.

If You live in the region or another city of the subject of the Russian Federation, we can help in organizing and sending a car to Your city by any transport company chosen by You or by our partner company.


Customs clearance of the vehicle

Upon arrival of the vessel with the car, its customs clearance takes place by our specialists or by any customs broker chosen by you.

For your convenience, as well as to save money, the duty and recycling fee for the car can be paid by You yourself on the receipt to the details of the customs office of Vladivostok (excluding additional fees for banking services).

Also, if necessary, and in agreement with the client, we can carry out customs clearance at our own expense, and you just have to pick up the car at any convenient time from the customs warehouse or our free parking in the Russian Federation. И это без каких-либо дополнительных сборов с нашей стороны.


Final events

And at the end of the process, You get your car with a full set of documents, which is necessary for the further operation of the vehicle and its registration in the traffic police.

If the car is imported disassembled, issued a full package of documents on the number units.


If for any reason You do not have enough money or not able to pay the costs of the Russian Federation for some time in the form of customs duties, we are going to meet, and you can use our free Parking and hold the car in Japan for absolutely any period.

Since the process of buying at auctions we conduct independently as an authorized dealer and the status of a resident company in Japan, the expenses in Japan you pay to the account of OUR company in Japan Jamsoh Auto Trade LTD.

Our service is maximum, conveniently simple and understandable! We are sure that we are the best in our field! Regards, Jamsoh Team!